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Sell In January or February? Or Wait Til The "Spring Market"?

First - we have another question - what would you do with $16,000?!

  • Take a Cruise?
  • College Fund?
  • Charity Donation?
  • Trip to Napa?
  • Save for Retirement?
  • Go on Safari?
Belt Team CEO & Realtor Terry Belt asks, “Did you know that people who sold their homes in Vienna in January – February of this year sold for almost $16,000 more than those who waited for the March – April “Spring Market”?”

DON’T WAIT! (Call 703-242-3975 if you would like us to run an analysis on YOUR area. It's not the same for each city or neighborhood.)

Start with a FREE INSTANT home valuation

Then call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 for a more finely honed estimate & FREE consultation. Better than Zillow! We’re hyperlocal. Chances are we’ve been in your home and/or your neighbors’ homes. We’ve been selling Vienna since 1973. And no other Realtor or team has sold more Vienna homes than The Belt Team. (AND our homes sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY than average!)

Prepare now and win in 2015! Winter is a wonderful time to prepare your home for market. You may have time off during the holidays, (it hasn't snowed yet!) and contractors are often much more available than Spring or Summer. But make sure you call us first. We don’t want you to spend money doing things you don’t have to!

If a move “up” or a move “down” is in your future in 2015, call or email NOW to schedule your FREE Home Planning Session. 

We can help answer questions like:

  • Do I need to sell before I buy? Or do I buy first? How can I sell when I don’t have a place to go yet?
  • How much will my home sell for?
  • What do I need to do to get my home ready for market? What can I skip?
  • Should I install new carpet or give the buyer a credit?
  • How much of a mortgage do I qualify for?
  • I know we need to update the kitchen, but how much do we really need to do and who do we call?

Have You Refinanced Yet? Rates Are Rising!

It looks like mortgage interest rates are rising. Don't miss your opportunity! If you're wondering if rates are low enough to refinance, how much your payments might drop or whether values have come up enough, then you need to talk to a top-notch lender who can lay out ALL your options. The Belt Team has fantastic resources for this and we're happy to share them. Give us a ring at (703) 242-3975!

Better Than Zillow! Check out our FREE Online INSTANT Home Value Tool

For the most accurate and reliable free home valuation available call the local market experts - The Belt Team. Zillow never sees the inside of your home and the competition.  We do. We've been selling homes around Northern VA since 1972. Chances are we've been in your home and/or your neighbor's home!

99.1 accurate 100% of the time.
Test drive our hyperlocal home value estimator at - then call us for a personalized fine tuning for your true market value!

Call The Belt Team at 703-242-3975

s It Getting Easier To Get A Mortgage Loan?

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