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Special SNOW-M-G Edition of NOVA Real Estate

SNOW-M-G: Hyperlocal Update

The 6 Best Sledding Hills in Vienna VA!
Real estate is all about location, and so is SLEDDING; so in honor of this weekend’s blizzard, we present you with the 6 Best Sledding Hills in Vienna, VA
If you start going stir crazy – this is a GREAT time to search for a new home on our state-of-the-art web site or get a FREE online INSTANT estimate of your home’s value.

3 Reasons To Prepare NOW For The Spring Market (Hint: Homes in Jan/Feb May Sell For More Than in March/April!)

NOW is a GREAT time to prepare if you're thinking of selling in 2016. Why?
1. Winter time can be ideal for getting the best contractors. There's less competition from homeowners who are fooled into thinking March & April are the best time to sell.
2. When you are looking for something to do this weekend during the storm, get your kids to clean their rooms! Take advantage of the snow!
3. If you prepare your home now, you'll be ready to hit the market in February. THIS is when the "true Spring market" starts. And homes that go under contract early in the year, often sell for more! As an example, this year in Vienna the average sales price for homes that went under contract in January-February was $843,053. The price for homes that went under contract in March-April dropped to $784,182. This has been a trend for several years now.
If you would like a FREE consultation and walkthrough with one of our listing specialists, so you know what DOES and DOESN'T need doing before you go on the market, email or call at (703) 242-3975. Our listings sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY than average. We are happy to come out to consult with you to ensure you don't spend time and money on things that are not necessary.


SNOW-M-G: Tune In To Our Blog To Find Out What Local Businesses Are Open During/After Snowmageddon

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