The Belt Team's Custom Marketing Plan

The Belt Team's Custom Marketing Plan

The Belt Team is committed to the highest standards of professional service to all our customers. In today's market, you also need a team that thinks outside the box. And that's just what The Belt Team does! (Click here for 10 Reasons Savvy Sellers Choose The Belt Team.)

We don't just put your listing into the MLS, install a sign and hope for the best. We have a custom, comprehensive marketing plan. To assure that your home is marketed to its full potential and to obtain the highest possible market value, the following services are provided:

Market Research - Initial & ongoing evaluation of the competition...and evaluation of price & presentation of your home. This is perhaps the most important part of our job! Our goal is to sell your home - not to have your home be the one that sells the competition.

Brochure Design - Full color brochures for prospective purchasers and previewing agents. And our brochures aren’t just “smoke & mirrors”. Big glossy photos with little information is NOT what Buyers want. They’ve already seen your home on the Internet. They want DETAILS, so that’s what we provide.

High Quality Professional Photography - We arrange for your home to be professionally photographed - both inside & outside. Our listings on the Internet feature between 10 and 30 photos per listing (depending on the site). This is because statistics show that listings with photos are viewed by potential buyers 59 percent more often than those without photos.

Multiple Listing Service - Your home will be listed in the MLS where the information will be available to almost 10,000 agents.

Professional Post For Sale Sign - Will be installed on your property.

Lockbox - Will be installed on your front door. We will electronically track all entries through the lockbox and we will follow up with each agent who shows your home.

Full Internet Marketing - Your home will be showcased on our personal web site (, as well as on a multitude of other web sites ( like, Zillow, Craig’s List,, HotPads, Trulia, Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN,, Oodle, Homesdatabase, FrontDoor, Geebo, Vast,, Mortgage Digest, Internet Broadcasting, World Now, Juno, NetZero, Excite  & more!) Plus we provide exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our real estate blog.

Virtual Tour - We will have a professional tour done of your home. The tour will be posted online and in the MLS.

Just Listed Cards - Will be sent via direct mail to the nearby area. Sometimes people renting in the area want to buy and many people have friends or family who want to move near them. We also e-blast our entire newsletter list to advise of new listings.

24 Hour Information Line - Information (including both a recording & a full brochure) will be uploaded into our 24 Hour Information Line so that people can get information on your home 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. This information line is advertised on our web site, our signs & our marketing materials.

Strategic Local Advertising - Your home will be advertised in traditional outlets as appropriate when we rotate among publications like the Sun Gazette Newspaper and Viva Tysons.

Complete Cooperation - With co-op agents (buyer agents or sub-agents) in helping them to close their prospect... meeting with them upon request, even at "impossible" hours.

Excellent Track Record - In evaluating the salability and market value of a local move-up buyer's existing home. Contingent contracts are coming back. Is one right for you? We have an excellent track record in converting contingent contacts to firm contacts by helping potential buyers of your home price their home realistically.

Buyer Notification System - In addition to the homes we list & sell, we are also working with a number of buyers at all times. We have an automated buyer notification system so that our buyers will receive notification of all homes we list in case there is a "match."

Social Media Strategy: Things are changing on the dime. We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of changes in marketing & technology. It’s why we are so active in the social media arena & why we were asked to be Community Bloggers for Vienna Patch, Oakton Patch and We source buyers for you from our activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, You Tube, Linked In, Pinterest & more.

Communication - We keep you informed regarding showings, inquiries, advertising, market conditions & sales activity. We e-mail you with agent feedback. We "snail mail" copies of all ads. We update you on activity by providing comps, new listings and more on an ongoing basis. And we e-mail you links to our Internet advertising. We are accessible. (One of our fellow agents even recently emailed us & said "I'm always impressed by what a good job you do with your follow ups.") We believe the more information you have, the better!

Thorough Knowledge of the Community - Because we are long-term Northern VA residents, we intelligently and with genuine enthusiasm "sell" not only our listings, but the entire community... schools, sports programs, commuting options, community activities, etc... from a first hand viewpoint. 

Success Breeds Success - Because we are known to represent quality listings, we are frequently "cold-called" by other agents who are simply inquiring as to what we might recommend that is "good" or "special". We also receive frequent calls on our current specific listings. In effect, this results in...

Unparalleled Networking - Round the Clock Coverage & Exposure of your home -Our least showy, but most productive marketing is the networking that Terry, Gail, Beth, Kevin & Tom do on a daily basis on your behalf. Each call we make & receive, no matter why the call was placed to us, is an opportunity for us to instill interest & enthusiasm one-on-one with that agent. Our selling takes place continually throughout the business day and week ...and for us that is 7 days a week.

And there's MORE!

Contact The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 for details!

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